Chris ChartierLike most of you I am a waterfowl maniac. If you told me I could only do one type of hunting for the rest of my life I would pick shooting birds hands down. Come every September my wife doesn't even have to ask where I going because she knows when I roll out of the house at 3 am Im heading for the duck blind. There is nothing quiet like being on a cold clear lake with a spread of decoys out in front of you. Enjoying a cup of coffee before first light hearing the ducks chatter and move around before shooting time with a couple good buddies is one of the best times you can have. The excitement and challenge it takes to call and get birds working your spread and being successful (at least sometimes) has made some of the best hunting memories I have.
My passion for hunting has driven my passion for preservation and conservation. Seeing some of the mess and habitat destruction inspired me to get involved in the AWA and help out with the efforts of cleaning up, protecting waterfowlers rights, and educating youth. When you get to spend time in some of the most serene places on earth your appreciation for the outdoors grows every time as does your desire to make sure that passion is passed onto the next generation. The sustainement of the sport and preservation of the wetlands is more important than all the duck hunts you could possibly participate in. I hope to one day hand down the passion and pristine hunting areas I enjoy to my son and I hope some of you will help keep this project going in the positive direction it has been. With a little help we can truly do something great for waterfowl, youth, and the state of Alaska.