Lesser ScaupAlaska Waterfowl Assoc. has been actively involved in many local programs and projects where both waterfowl and hunters benefit. We remain committed to waterfowl management and promoting the hunting heritage.

AWA has many ideas to incorporate programs and share its members knowledge throughout the local communities and the State of Alaska. As we grow and develop more members, sponsors and partnerships throughout Alaska we will ensure the waterfowling tradition and hunting heritage is passed on. Our youth is our future. By getting Alaska’s youth involved through educational seminars, camps, youth hunts, and AWA projects and programs. Our members, sponsors, and partners will ensure that they have made a difference in securing the future of our sporting heritage in Alaska.

In the future we look forward to providing promotional youth activities. Please check back or contact us if you would be interested in supporting, sponsoring, volunteering or just helping out with organizing one of these special events. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

We especially would like to hear back from Alaska’s Waterfowl Licensed Guides throughout Alaska and hope we can develop a program and partnership that will make a difference in conserving our waterfowling traditions.

Thanks for your support.

Hugh Clark


Local Hayflats Project

2013 1 26 Hayflats duck project 061 300x225AWA’s members are passionate about hunting waterfowl, conserving wetlands, preserving waterfowl habitat and promoting the hunting and outdoor heritage. Through our programs and local projects we ensure that AWA continues to do our part in promoting conservation and waterfowl management.

The Palmer Hayflats is a vast wetland environment used by a wide diversity of wildlife. Every spring thousands of waterfowl return north to nest in the Alaska’s vast wetlands and raise their brood. Nesting habitat for waterfowl and other shore birds is excellent in the Palmer Hayflats wetlands. This ecosystem provides a perfect balance for young brood to gain the much needed nutrition and balance diet to return south as the mother winter takes hold.

Our latest project was a joined effort between AF&G and AWA members. Alaska Fish and Game Dept’s local biologist realized there was a need to repair and clear out some local waterfowl nesting habitat that had fallen victim to alders, brush and trees over the last few years. Together AF&G and AWA’s members gathered resources, rallied their members and continued to promote and do their part in wetland restoration.  Over 12 volunteers endured -13 degree temps and long hours as they cut, cleared and restored prime waterfowl nesting habitat.

AWA would like to thank all of its members and the AF&G staff that took part in this restoration project. This is just another example of how Alaska Waterfowl Assoc. continues to do their part in conserving Alaska’s waterfowl and wetlands.

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